Friday, 13 April 2012

Gerard Varin's Epic Run

Gerard Varin on his epic 740 mile
 run from Derbyshire to Switzerland
Today I just had to tell you all about Gerard Varin. He is a super-fit man who lives here in Duffield and, as I type this, is completing day 13 of a 740 mile run from Derbyshire to Switzerland to raise money for Breast Cancer. To do this he will need to average 27 miles a day for a month! That's just mind blowing isn't it?
Gerard is an inspiration to me because he is testament to what the human body is capable of. I have no aspirations to do anything on this scale but I tell my reluctant carcass every day that a 30 minute jog or a 60 minute swim is really not that big an ask.
 There was a time when you could run a single marathon and raise lots of money for you chosen charity. Now it seems that people have to go to ever more extreme lengths and really suffer to have an impact. I'm thinking of David Walliams swimming the Thames and John Bishop's Paris to France trip to name but two. Anyway, take a look at Gerard's webpage to follow his progress and support him if you can.
As for me, being a mere mortal I have to be content with doing my bit for Sport Relief by swimming the Big Splash Mile (64 lengths) on Friday 27th April. That's a big enough challenge for me at the moment!

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